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Watcher Achievement help!!!

Did anyone notice how you can no longer complete watcher achievements after you complete first ambition?

I finished my first ambition and moved on to play eternal kingdom. I tried to complete monarch achievement (like maxing out popularity, make 20 friends) Even though I made 40 friends I did not get "make 20 friends with monarch" achievement. And even though my monarch heard petitions for 6 days in a row, I could never get "maxed out" message. It's not just the monarch. Same went for my Jacoban priest. Even though the fear bar was maxed out, the achievement was not noted.

Does anyone have any solution to this? Or do I have to reinstall the game and start from scratch and try to complete all the achievements in the first ambition?

Help? :(

Hi guys - are gameplay questions allowed? Google is failing me. :(

I just have two things concerning the furnish mode. Basically, it's about toggling height of objects, such as ceiling lamps, up and down. Whenever I try to furnish my castle and make it prettier, if I buy a new lamp it is really low... the default lamps are raised up higher so they don't block the play area.

I'm guessing I have the same issue with shelves. I like the random miscellaneous decorations, and I bought a couple shelves to put them on. But I can't seem to get the items to actually go on the shelves, they just lay on the floor beneath it.

I have a laptop and don't use a mouse... do I need a mouse? :( I tried "scrolling" on my keypad but it just doesn't work.

Thanks for any help!
I went through all my music on iTunes and found 40 medieval themed songs that I would like to share with you all.

Enjoy and comment if you liked.

All files are located at mediafire.

Three seperate folders (for size.)

A     S I M S     M E D I E V A L    F A N M I X

links and songs below the cut )

Act 1: Welcome to Geminiyah

Welcome to Geminiyah
(A Medieval story told from the Queens perspective.)

All Ambitions Unlocked

Finally, amirite?

Saw this on the official forums. Looks like Shimrod has a mod that unlocks all Ambitions from the start of the game.

From this EA post, credit goes to sophistifunk again for finding it. Credit to WizardDani for the original post.

1) Play your kingdom until you ALMOST run out of Quest Points (not to be confused with Kingdom Points; KPs). This is really important, please do not run out of QPs. Save and quit your game.
2) Go to your "My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval\Saves" folder.
3) Create a "Backup" folder and copy there your kingdom save game (let's suppose it's named "Kingdom1"). In our case it will be a folder named "Kingdom1.tsm" with 3 files in it.
4) Run The Sims Medieval again and complete the New Beginnings ambition by spending all your remaining QPs.
5) Tadaa!! Now you have new ambitions to choose. Choose any and start a new kingdom.
6) As soon as the new kingdom loads up, save the game and name it whatever you want, we will call it "Kingdom2".
7) Quit the game and go again to MyDocs\...\Saves folder.
8 ) You're now supposed to see 3 folders: Backup, Kingdom1.tsm and Kingdom2.tsm.
9) Open Backup and you'll see Kingdom1.tsm (which is a previous stage of the original Kingdom1.tsm in Saves folder). Well open Kingdom1.tsm (the one in BACKUP, NOT IN SAVES folder) and copy the file "WorldCastle_0x00000000.nhd".
10) Now go to Saves folder and open the folder "Kingdom2.tsm" and paste it there.
11) It'll ask you if you want to replace the file, click YES.
12) Load The Sims Medieval and... VOILÀ!!!!!!! You are now able to play your very 1st kingdom with the new ambition you selected!!! And you'll say "Oh well thank you, but now I have 1 QP, I can't play!!". Yes you can, just:

1) Enable "testingcheatsenabled" in your "C:\Program files\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Ini".
2) Right click "Commands" and click properties. Tick off "Read only" if it isn't already and click accept.
3) Now open "Commands" using WordPad and you'll see "testingcheatsenabled=0". Change "0" to "1" and save.

With this enabled, once you're in the kingdom, you can open up the cheat box (CTRL+SHIFT+C) and type in "setqp (number)", making you able to set as many QPs as you wish in the kingdom. For example, if you're wanting to play as legit as possible, you'd type: setqp 50

You can repeat this process as many times as you want whenever you're wanting to change ambition. But remember, it is extremely important to not run out of Quest Points.


How to add Children and NPCs to your party

Completely stoked this is possible. Credit goes to sophistifunk at TSR for this post:

How to add/control your children or npcs to your party:
1)Go to your C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Ini\Commands. ini and changing TestingCheatsEnabled=0 to TestingCheatsEnabled=1

2)Shift+Ctrl C and type in "moveobjects on"

3)Shift+Right click any sim/npc you want to add to your party


I hope this is allowed! :)

There's already been three mods, that I know of, released for TSM.

No Mosaic/no intro (these two are on the same page) and no pregnant walk.

I'm still holding out hope for a camera mod(I keep tapping the tab key then hitting it harder until I realize it's just not going to work!:P) and pressing Q.

What hacks/mods, if any, are you guys hoping to see?